Level Management

  1. How do the levels work? 

    There are four levels of Out There Rewards, which you’ll progress through by earning points.     Once you reach a new level, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of that level for 12 months, unless: 

    Your points balance increases, in which case you can move up to the next level once you have earned sufficient points 

    Your points balance decreases, which can occur when you return items for a refund, in which case you could drop down a level based on your total points balance. More on that, below. 


  2. Member 

    0 – 249 points in a 12-month period   

    Level 1 

    250 – 499 points in a 12-month period   

    Level 2 

    500 – 1,199 points in a 12-month period   

    Level 3 

    1,200 + points in a 12-month period 

  1. How do I maintain my level? 

    You’ll keep your level status for 12 months. Once you hit your level anniversary, your points balance will be reviewed —if they’re equal or greater to the minimum threshold, you’ll stay at that level. If not, your level will be adjusted. Note, the only way you’ll level down in a 12-month period is by making a return.  

    What is a Level Anniversary date?  

    Your Level Anniversary Date is your current level expiry date — 12 months from when your new level was obtained. We recommend you keep track of this date, which you can find in your Dashboard > Your Points section of your Online Account.

    How do I know what level I am on? 

    Simply sign into your Online Account and check your dashboard. Your current level, Level Anniversary Date, and benefits will be available for you to see.  

    What happens if I make a return? 

    If you return a product for a refund, the amount refunded will be deducted from your total points balance. This could change your level status if the returned points drop you below your current level. 

    If you used an Out There Rewards (or Summit Club, if applicable) voucher to pay for some or all of the original purchase, you’ll only be able to exchange in store, otherwise your voucher will be forfeited.  

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